General parameters

CO2 budget: Choose one of the following scenarios of global carbon dioxide budget (See detailed explanation)

Scenario CO2 budget
Probability of temperature increase < 2°C
Strict 1000 GtCO2 75%
Medium 1440 GtCO2 50%
Soft 1600 GtCO2 > 33%

Number of countries : Choose the number of countries (n) or the percentage (%E) of global emission covered by the n countries; countries are ranked according to their emissions in 2014 (see detailed explanation).

Method specific parameters

Our calculator presents three different ways of calculating the country distributions of a global carbon budget: (1) Equity principles method; (2) Tax method; and (3) Egalitarian method. Choose the method specific parameters for the equity principles and the responsibility factor (used in equity principles and egalitarian methods).


Once all fields are filled in, just press compute and a table with the results for the selected countries will appear.

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